What a great industry to be in. Using promotional products has a very high value. You always want your name to be in front of people as much as you possibly can. If you come up with that perfect item, man…. It can work wonders. That’s where Randd Associates comes into play. Let us do the work on finding that item that works for your company. When you can put that perfect item in a customer’s hands and they say “wow, that’s really cool”, you know you’ve got the right idea.

We often use the phrase, “We print anything on anything”. Well, that is really true because we are a full service printing company as well as the promotional products. We do any kind of paper printing from Black and White to digital full color. Brochures, letterhead, invoices, Business cards, checks, pads, labels….You get the idea. Even wide format printing like posters, banners, signs, etc.

Randd Associates also does in house embroidery and screen printing on any brand or type of clothing you would need. Dress shirts, Polo’s, Tee shirts, Hats, bags etc. These are also great items for keeping your name out there and ahead of the competition.

There you have it, a one stop shop business for ALL your printing needs. So now you know why we say, “We print ANYTHING on ANYTHING!” Give us a call to prove how much we want to be your printing company. Call the office at 937-294-1874 or you can call me, “Dan from Randd” on my cell at 937-307-4310.